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Anthropocentrism as the root cause of the global ecological crisis. Human supremacy is the widely diffused belief-system that human beings are a superior life-form that is authorized to overpower and do what we will to all other life forms, to all places, and (in our time) to Earth as a whole. Most people do not espouse this belief-system consciously: they are corralled to live by its precepts and trained to assume they are sound.  Eileen Crist -


Can we repurpose the way we percieve our bodies and how they function to gain the sensitivity that we need to reconnect us with the natural world and to guide us towards a symbiotic relationship with planet Earth?

Can we learn how to percieve the world not just through our eyes, ears, noses, tongues and skin  but through all of our body through every cell and our highly sensitive organs to navigate us through this universe of possibilities?

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